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Compression Advisory has excellent relationships with multiple hospitals, both private and public, doctors, physiotherapists and additional allied healthcare providers. Compression is a vital commodity in this sector and we help ensure best practice is maintained.


DVT and leg swelling are a major issue when travelling. Increased air and commuter travel in modern society are impacting health. Only products with properly validated compression which improve venous return can help with these issues. We have collaborated with world leading travel health experts such as Dr Jane Zuckerman, to provide our customers with the best travel medicine advice available.


At Compression Advisory we appreciate that maintaining optimal health requires a multifaceted approach. Our aim is to support people to be active, and improve health through therapeutic textiles supported by good quality medical evidence.


The early wellbeing of our mothers during pregnancy is vital to human survival. Maternal health is key to a healthy future population. Compression Advisory has dedicated a portion of its efforts to ensure our technology can reduce the impact of several negative symptoms of pregnancy and reduce the rate of maternal DVT. Improving comfort and wellbeing for a more enjoyable pregnancy.


Compression Advisory has been providing products and services to the highest level of sport since 2007, such as the FA, RFU and Premier league. This experience has helped us shape our offering to amateur sport allowing us to provide the best products and support to a wider population.


The work environment can often involve commuting, frequent travel, reduced exercise, long hours standing or sitting at a desk, all of which can have an impact on our general health. We support a range of individuals and occupational health departments to help minimise the impact of work related issues using validated medical advice and proven medical textile technology.

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