gctech™ leads the way on ‘Flight Sock’ safety

By October 18, 2010 News One Comment

With half term approaching and many people about to travel abroad, the importance of reducing the risk of developing deep vein thrombosis (DVT) during the flight is back on the news agenda in the UK. A recent article in the Daily Telegraph details a woman’s collapse on a transatlantic flight and underlines the dangers travellers face. Increasingly travellers have taken to wearing ‘flight socks’ to prevent developing DVT’s on flights.

gctech™, makers of the gctech™ Medical Grade Graduated Compression sock is a company which markets ‘flight socks’ which were developed in association with University College London by surgeons specialising in compression wear. Medical Director of gctech™, Dr. Akbar de Medici said ‘The gctech™ compression sock is based on a current medical grade Class 1 compression sock used in the NHS. The design has been improved and modified for comfort, using high quality yarns, antibacterial and wicking agents; however the core technology remains unchanged. These changes make it ‘probably’ the most comfortable medical grade sock available. Yet the sock still classifies as a CE marked medical grade sock. The sizing system has been designed to ensure our range of socks fit most body shapes’ ensuring the compression profile does not change. Flight socks are not medical grade compression.
They are most often just ‘tight’ socks which do provide a degree of comfort but do not conform to the strict regulations in the NHS for DVT protection. The team at Compression Advisory have worked with several notable companies and the compression sock is now the garment of choice for travel for elite teams across the UK, such as England football, England rugby, Manchester United and Chelsea, to keep them safe, symptom free and ready to perform after any period of travel.

gctech™ flight socks are available on the Compression Advisory website: www.compressionadvisory.com for more information visit the site or call for advice before travelling on 020 7326 0900
You can also email: info@compressionadvisory.com


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