Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsey, utilizes gctech™ Socks to help with his recovery

By October 26, 2010 News One Comment

Following in the footsteps of other great footballers and even legends such as David Beckham, already using gctech™ products to aid with sports-related injuries and recovery, Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey’s recovery programme includes the wearing of gctech™ Medical Grade Compression Socks. Ramsey suffered a broken leg in February after playing against Stoke City.  Recovery has been a slow process but recently he has started training again, aided with gctech™, and there is hope he will be considered for play again very soon.

gctech™ has been in the news lately as a key supplier of compression socks for elite athletes.  It has become the leading brand in its field and is distributed by world experts in compression wear ‘The Compression Advisory’.  Its Medical Director, Dr. Akbar de Medici explains: ‘Compression has been known to help with injury and swelling for hundreds of years, however the refinements associated with medical grade compression have been used for some 30 years and most recently all UK NHS hospitals became required by law to fit anyone who has any risk of DVT with medical grade compression socks.  In the world of professional sports there is a growing understanding about how proper medical grade compression can be used to aid with recovery – either from performance or from injury.  We now advise and supply gctech™ socks to many of the premiership’s leading football clubs as well as the England football squad, England rugby team, The British Olympic teams and a growing number of professional golfers.  For serious injuries there is a period of recovery which can cause the leg to swell excessively. gctech™ Compression socks will aid that recovery process and reduce swelling.  The sock is also useful after surgery where you maybe at increased risk of DVT.’

Dr de Medici explains further ‘Elite sports people need to be in the best condition possible to perform at the highest level. I have worked with over 2,000 elite sports people (England Football, Manchester United, UK Athletics, England Rugby, World top ten golfers etc) and their associated medical support staff and have explained the benefits of gctech™. We now have thousands of regular professional users who wear the product for travel (reduce DVT risk, reduce swelling), performance and recovery.  It is great to see Aaron Ramsey wearing the products developed at University College London and everyone at The Compression Advisory and gctech™ wishes him the speediest and safest recovery.

See pictures of Aaron Ramsey wearing the red gctech™ compression socks on the Arsenal site here:

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