The British Rowing Team travel to New Zealand wearing gctech™ Socks

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The Compression Advisory, distributors of the revolutionary sports socks gctech™, used by countless premiership football clubs, England football and rugby squads and numerous professional golfers, have been invited to educate the British Rowing team on medical grade compression at Pinsent & Redgrave Rowing Lake in Caversham.

More and more elite athletes and sports stars are using compression socks to aid with improved recovery after performance or training, improved performance during competitions and safer travel between events.  The medical grade gctech™ compression sock squeezes the calf muscle to improve blood flow.  It was developed by surgeons at University College London and has since become a well-known compression brand, specialising in producing Medical Grade products as opposed to more general compression items found on the high street.  Medical Director for the Compression Advisory, Dr. Akbar de Medici explains. ‘A compression sock is basically a ‘tight sock’, which should go all the way up to your knee from your foot. Squeezing your lower limb will affect the way your muscles work and the way your blood flows. There are several such socks on the market; the difference is ‘how’ they squeeze your leg and where they are most tight.  With medical grade compression and during sport you are looking for extra performance or help with recovery.  When you travel you want to reduce your risk of getting a DVT plus prevent ankle and lower limb swelling. Medical grade compression and the proven changes it makes to your physiology are ideal to wear in all these situations.’

The demonstration of gctech™ socks to The British Rowing Team highlighted travel benefits and the sock’s ability to keep swelling to a minimum and also how they can help boost the circulatory through legs so that athletes arrive at competitions in better condition. Long haul flights play havoc with the body and due to altitude, spatial confinement, lack of mobility, blood and fluids pool around the ankles, causing swelling and stiffness. gctech™ Socks will counteract these issues.

Matt Langridge, Alex Gregory, Ric Egington and Alex Partridge, the reigning world men’s four champions, will travel to New Zealand in October to defend their title after being named recently in a 61-strong GB Rowing Team for the event which runs from October 31 – November 7.

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