Professional Golf: Health & Performance

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Golf.fwBy definition, professional golfers spend a lot of time on their feet and travelling, neither of which are great for their lower limb health, yet they are expected to recover quickly after each trip or day on the green and deliver consistent, skilled performances.

At Compression Advisory, we look at the professional golf athlete as a whole to identify areas where we can help a golfer to maximize performance as well as preventing the cumulative adverse health effects which typically affects these athletes.

We have developed a range of well adapted styles suitable for wearing underneath trousers, complimentary with shorts, and also tights/hold ups for ladies.

Pro Golfers are travelling frequently with the tour, with their legs swelling on flights and feeling fatigued trying to catch up with time zones. Combine this with changeable climates and entire days spend on the green on their feet and you can see how a golfer’s performance and general health may deteriorate.

roger hawkesDr. Roger Hawkes, Head of Medical Services for the European Tour has been instrumental in Compression Advisory’s involvement with the tour over the last number of years – “The Compression Advisory has been a phenomenal success on the European Tour. I fully support their underlying medical principles and recommend the medical grade socks for both players and our staff to wear on the tour and during travel. It has been a pleasure having the team support our efforts on the circuit for the last 4 years.”

Even if you’re not a golfer but notice your ankles are swollen and purple after sitting for an extended period or walking around all day, your venous bloodflow may not be performing at its best. Speak to your doctor and consider switching to compression socks. Make sure they are medical-grade, have been fitted to your leg and are of an appropriate compression level for your needs.Fairway Legs

Heat stroke and dehydration often affect golfers. During hot weather, heat, humidity, exertion coupled with not drinking enough water while on the course can lead to heat stroke, which occurs when the body loses the ability to cool itself. The person stops sweating, becomes dizzy, confused and disoriented and may lose consciousness.

Our medical director, Dr. Akbar de Medici recommends: “When on the course, drink plenty of water. In dry climates with low humidity, sweat evaporates quickly, so don’t depend on sweat as a signal you should drink. Stay away from beer and other alcoholic beverages; they are dehydrating.”

Simply by adding a pair of high quality compression socks to their wardrobe and making sure they stay hydrated, golfers’ DVT and blood clot risk is dramatically reduced, their legs are supported while walking around the courses and waste products (that leave legs tired) are flushed away.

Barry+Lane+Travis+Perkins+plc+Senior+Masters+SP9m4nj0F3hlBarry Lane, five-time European Tour winner 1988-2004, currently playing the Seniors Tour – “I met Compression Advisory on the European Tour in 2010 and have since incorporated VR into my travel routine and still regularly wear it on the course as I play the Seniors Tour. Now that I’m in my 50s, being comfortable and feeling well as I play is paramount. VR Compression has kept my legs feeling great and allowed me to continue to enjoy my golf, whether it’s in the warmer US climate or on holidays in Sweden playing a few holes with Camilla.”

We also recommend a Class 2 compression product (for normal wear, we recommend Class 1 and the classing relates to the level of pressure) for Recovery purposes, which applies that little bit tighter squeeze for when you need it the most.

Putting on VR Compression Sock SmallPro Golfer Cerith Leighton Watkins plays in VR Performa Lite (breathable compression calf sleeve) which allows him to match his choice of sock to the weather conditions. He recovers in the VR ProPlus Recovery and travels in the VR City.

I find the products hugely beneficial when playing, practising and traveling to and from a long day’s golf. I feel that they now make a difference to my recovery which is massive help. When you are on your feet all day, it takes its toll on your legs. By using VR products I have noticed that my legs feel energised throughout the day which is a huge confidence boost. My VR Compression socks are an essential part of my daily routine and I now couldn’t be without them.

The Compression Advisory Medical Team will be at the BMW PGA Championship in Wentworth next week to answer any questions and with VR Compression for players to try out.

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