You call that a size chart?

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steven_reid_fitting.fwCompression Advisory prides itself on providing a medical standard of fit for all products by taking a series of measurements from customers. Some find this process awkward – they “can’t find a measuring tape”, or are “a Large in everything”.

Many other companies content themselves with sizing their products by shoe size or S, M, L etc.

When clients ask why we don’t do the same, we talk about the quality of compression that a product provides (we go into detail about this here).

A quicker explanation for football fans is the following:

Picture Peter Crouch (well known for his “chicken legs”) and Didier Drogba

Drogba Crouch.fw

They are the same shoe size (we’ve measured them), but that’s about the only measurement they have in common.


How can any size chart that would put them in the same graduated compression sock claim that each athlete would receive QUALITY compression from their product?

There are in fact 2-3 sizes between the two athletes depending on the product in question.


We take into account your ankle and calf measurements to ensure you are getting the correct squeeze as well as your shoe size (length of foot), and length of leg to ensure the sock is also the right length. Without these measurements, you are likely to find yourself in an ill-fitting compression garment.

Still can’t find a measuring tape? Print one here

Find out more information about VR’s unique sizing and our list of retailers who have all been carefully trained on how to measure and size you.

As always, our medical team are on hand to answer your questions, just give us a call on 0207 326 0900.


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