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Running Marathons Post-Injury | Anthony Durkin

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Dr Kal Parmar of the ISEH Talks Calf Injuries

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I see many muscle injuries; mainly in the lower limb, a large proportion being in the calf. They are generally on the inside of the calf and referred to as “tennis leg” although there are a variety of ways to sustain the injury – essentially a sudden explosive movement. I do a lot of ultrasound scanning and this is the best way to pick up the injury – it’s a quick and convenient way to scan muscle injuries in the clinic setting and can give a lot of information. Once the diagnosis is made, compression is vital – a graduated...

Anthony Durkin: VR Compression – A Runner’s Review

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Meet Anthony Durkin – he’s got a great story! We’re so glad we could be of help. Between the age of 16-22 I ran at a good level, and competed for my regiment when serving in the Army. Unfortunately on leaving the forces in 2005, I broke my lower left leg really badly. I fractured the tib & fib above the ankle and also fractured my shin at the very top just below the knee. As a result of the severity of the injury, I was told that I wouldn’t run again, which was devastating. I was lucky to even…