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August 2010


David Beckham recovers using new sock technology as ‘retirement’ is discussed

As reports continue to analyse Fabio Capello’s seeming ‘gaffe’ about England midfielder and former captain, David Beckham’s ‘retirement’, the star continues to train and recover from the debilitating Achilles injury he suffered in March. Beckham has denied that he would retire from England, making it clear that he is still in love with the game which has made him famous throughout the world. His current tally of 115 caps makes him one of England’s most capped players. For now he seems intent on recovering from his ankle injury. To aid his recovery process, Beckham is using a new type of…
August 12, 2010

New training aid for players as they gear up for start of 2010 Barclays Premier League

With the football season fast approaching, teams, coaches and footballers are turning to a smart new product to improve players’ recovery rates, as pre-season training intensifies.  Graduated compression socks have been used for some time to help players train, perform, travel and recover.  However until recently the compression was of a more generalised type.  Now an exciting product has emerged from the world of medicine and is fast becoming the leader in its field.  gctech™, a London-based brand and part of Compression Advisory has developed Medical Grade Graduated Compression socks.  The socks have taken the UK sports world by storm…
August 11, 2010

Health scare alerts golfers to benefits of medical grade compression

Following the recent Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) health scare for golfer Lee Westwood at the French Open Championship, gctech™, producers of medical grade graduated compression socks, have seen an increase in sales to other professional golfers on the world stage.  Westwood’s scare turned out to be a false alarm, but the risk of DVT to golfers and other sports stars, particularly those who train, travel and perform all around the world, remains. gctech™ socks provide targeted graduated compression of the lower leg and are considered a mechanical ergogenic aid with a wide range of benefits which contribute to performance enhancement…
August 5, 2010


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