Health scare alerts golfers to benefits of medical grade compression

By August 5, 2010 News No Comments

Following the recent Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) health scare for golfer Lee Westwood at the French Open Championship, gctech™, producers of medical grade graduated compression socks, have seen an increase in sales to other professional golfers on the world stage.  Westwood’s scare turned out to be a false alarm, but the risk of DVT to golfers and other sports stars, particularly those who train, travel and perform all around the world, remains.

gctech™ socks provide targeted graduated compression of the lower leg and are considered a mechanical ergogenic aid with a wide range of benefits which contribute to performance enhancement in sports and exercise through muscle compression technology. The key areas where wearing medical grade compression can help in sport are: performance, recovery after sport, injury rehabilitation and conditioning daywear and all travel.

gctech™ is fast becoming the world leader in medical grade compression products.  Follow this link to watch a video of the Westwood drama with expert commentary from Compression Advisory expert, gctech™’s Medical Director, Akbar de Medici, as well as the views on gctech™ compression socks by leading Danish golfer Anders Hansen.

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