New training aid for players as they gear up for start of 2010 Barclays Premier League

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With the football season fast approaching, teams, coaches and footballers are turning to a smart new product to improve players’ recovery rates, as pre-season training intensifies.  Graduated compression socks have been used for some time to help players train, perform, travel and recover.  However until recently the compression was of a more generalised type.  Now an exciting product has emerged from the world of medicine and is fast becoming the leader in its field.  gctech™, a London-based brand and part of Compression Advisory has developed Medical Grade Graduated Compression socks.  The socks have taken the UK sports world by storm and are already being worn by the England football team, The England Rugby squad, British Olympic teams and numerous professional football teams including most Premiership clubs.

We asked Consultant Physiologist Kunle Odetoyibo, who advises a number of football squads throughout the FA, to explain the difference between GC Tech™ and the other products and how it benefits players in training.  Kunle said ‘Compression socks help sports men and women in many different ways.  In periods such as this where players are gearing up for a busy season and training is intense, the socks aid recovery by reducing DOMS – (Delayed onset muscle soreness), and so your legs feel less sore and stiff after exercise.  They also help flush waste products from tired muscles and reduce the swelling which is associated with exercise. gctech™ socks are great. Originally I spent some time examining the efficacy of the product and relating its research to our needs. It was also appropriate to confer with colleagues at other major sports clubs and governing bodies of sport which has resulted in positive feedback and widespread use. Important factors that set the gctech™ sock aside is the Medical Grade manufacture, individualised compression advice element and the fact that the compression is graduated. We met with Compression Advisory’s Medical Director advising on gctech™., Dr. Akbar de Medici, and it was clear that the work developing the original product which took place at UCL with leading surgeons meant that the socks would do precisely what they propose to.’

gctech™ socks can be found on the Compression Advisory website:


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