David Beckham recovers using new sock technology as ‘retirement’ is discussed

By August 12, 2010 News No Comments

As reports continue to analyse Fabio Capello’s seeming ‘gaffe’ about England midfielder and former captain, David Beckham’s ‘retirement’, the star continues to train and recover from the debilitating Achilles injury he suffered in March.

Beckham has denied that he would retire from England, making it clear that he is still in love with the game which has made him famous throughout the world. His current tally of 115 caps makes him one of England’s most capped players. For now he seems intent on recovering from his ankle injury.

To aid his recovery process, Beckham is using a new type of sports compression sock, used by elite athletes and sports stars worldwide. gctech™ manufacturers of the socks use Medical Grade graduated compression. While many companies provide compression clothing for performance, gctech™ claim that only Medical Grade graduated compression is clinically proven to improve blood flow.

The sock is also being used at the elite level with over 600 premiership players wearing them to improve performance. The benefits are not confined to football. Any sport where the lower leg is used can benefit from gctech™ compression technology, some of the benefits include:

  • Clinically proven improved venous return – due to the medically certified compression profile
  • Supports the calf muscle – improves oxygen delivery to the calf, reduces muscle oscillation, optimises muscle alignment/efficiency
  • Helps temperature regulation – due to integrated wicking agents
  • Improves calf muscle stamina – delays time to exhaustion.

For more information about gctech™ socks go to www.compressionadvisory.com or read the Mail Online article featuring David Beckham and pictures of him wearing the socks.

Beckham says he is still as much in love with the game as he was when he was 21. In articles from numerous publications this week he is seen training and putting as much effort in as ever to recover from his injury and return to competitive matches. gctech™’s Director of Development, Barrington Bent said ‘It is utterly gratifying to see pictures of David Beckham wearing our socks. We work with the England squad and couldn’t comment on any decisions associated with team selection – what we focus on is keeping all of the squad as fit and prepared for the call as possible. We believe our socks help in that process.


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