Russ Cochran wins the 2011 Senior Open Golf Championship

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Compression Advisory kit out Russ Cochran with compression socks, who then goes on to win The 2011 Senior Open Golf Championship.

Compression Advisory attended the Seniors European Tour at Walton Heath recently to educate the pro’s and bystanders about their socks containing gctech and were welcomed with comments such as “where have you been all my life!”

Due to the nature of their sport and its locations, constant travel – which can result in swollen legs, and standing for hours on end – which can leave the pro with heavy legs are often reported as issues which leave them feeling fatigued and not at the best of their game.

One person who really reaped the benefits was winner of the Walton on Heath tournament – Russ Cochran, who immediately noticed that his legs felt better, walked away from Compression Advisory wearing them, and subsequently secured his win.Russ Cochran wins the 2011 Senior Open Golf Championship

Compression Advisory’s education crossed over both golf pro’s and public domains, with bystanders even being fitted to look after their legs whilst watching the pro’s!

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