UK Athletics utilise Compression Advisory

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UK Athletics utilise Compression Advisory as part of their rehabilitation strategy for Athletes training for 2012 London Olympics.

Competing at the level of an athlete can take its toll on the body. Athletes training for the Olympics for example can put so much pressure on their body and exert themselves in order to get the physique, ability and strength that is required of them to “win the race”. Able to prepare for their event, athletes will incorporate a host of routines, nutrients, recovery processes and products to aid that performance. Compression Advisory socks containing gctech have become part of the training package for athletes training for not only the 2011 Olympics but events prior to that too, for e.g. Philips Idowu at the Diamond League Birmingham meeting, where he sent a warning to his triple jump rival Teddy Tamgho by beating the Frenchman’s jump.Philips Idowu

With intense training, sometimes an injury can occur and as part of their rehabilitation protocol, UK Athletics have asked for the help of the Compression Advisory to assist getting their athletes back in shape. Dr Akbar de Medici of the Compression Advisory says “with all the lower leg injuries suffered by athletes, getting them back to competing at the top level requires the best services available. In my discussion with Paul Djkstra (Chief Medical Officer, UKA) we realised that good quality medical grade compression socks were an ideal adjunct in helping athletes recover from injuries by helping reduce lower ankle/calf swelling and to reduce the risk of post operative DVT”.

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