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May 2014


You call that a size chart?

Compression Advisory prides itself on providing a medical standard of fit for all products by taking a series of measurements from customers. Some find this process awkward – they “can’t find a measuring tape”, or are “a Large in everything”. Many other companies content themselves with sizing their products by shoe size or S, M, L etc. When clients ask why we don’t do the same, we talk about the quality of compression that a product provides (we go into detail about this here). A quicker explanation for football fans is the following: Picture Peter Crouch (well known for his…
May 20, 2014

Professional Golf: Health & Performance

By definition, professional golfers spend a lot of time on their feet and travelling, neither of which are great for their lower limb health, yet they are expected to recover quickly after each trip or day on the green and deliver consistent, skilled performances. At Compression Advisory, we look at the professional golf athlete as a whole to identify areas where we can help a golfer to maximize performance as well as preventing the cumulative adverse health effects which typically affects these athletes. We have developed a range of well adapted styles suitable for wearing underneath trousers, complimentary with shorts,…
May 14, 2014

Follow-Up from #UKRunChat Hour Q&A

A couple of weeks ago, Compression Advisory Experts made themselves available for a UK Run Chat hour to answer questions that members had about compression. As 140 characters is a bit limiting, we wanted to follow up with slightly more comprehensive answers to the questions that were put to us by UK Run Chat Members. If you have any questions for us, feel free to leave a comment for us and we'll answer promptly. The following questions were posed directly to @VR_legwear on Twitter What are calf guards? Calf guards are also known as calf sleeves. They are compression socks,…
May 12, 2014


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