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June 2014


England Squad prepare for first World Cup match against Italy

The England Squad have arrived safely in Rio de Janeiro. Check out Adam Lallana and team mates getting off the plane in their St George's cross edition of the Original Super Fit. The team are preparing for their first match against Italy on Saturday at the Manaus Amaziona Arena. The support staff have done everything in their power to ensure the players have an active recovery from the journey and to help them acclimatise to the heat and humidity. Upon arrival, players were put on static bikes before being sent for a swim in the pool. If you're lucky enough…
June 11, 2014

What to wear during pregnancy…

Maternity and fashion aren't mutually exclusive... You just have to remember that during pregnancy, comfort is paramount. So no Kim Kardashian-style stilettos unless you want to deal with cankles bulging over the tops and some very painful feet. We are more than aware of the need for women to think about wearing compression during pregnancy - check out our article on the top 5 reasons women need to wear graduated compression during pregnancy to find out more. We often get calls from women who have bought socks in the pharmacy and are finding them too uncomfortable and sometimes too ugly…
June 6, 2014

England Squad optimise travel recovery ahead of the World Cup in Brazil

The England National Football Team flew out to Brazil this week for the upcoming World Cup, the trip went without incident and the team are recovering well. Compression Advisory supplied the entire team and the staff with medical-grade compression Travel socks after they were carefully sized in preparation for the trip. The medical team of Dr Akbar de Medici and Julie Sims were onsite to answer player and staff concerns ahead of the flight. Medical director, Dr Akbar de Medici outlines the importance of planning forward when there is such a big journey ahead of an important game. “England is…
June 5, 2014


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