England Squad optimise travel recovery ahead of the World Cup in Brazil

By June 5, 2014 Blog No Comments

England-squad.fwThe England National Football Team flew out to Brazil this week for the upcoming World Cup, the trip went without incident and the team are recovering well.

Compression Advisory supplied the entire team and the staff with medical-grade compression Travel socks after they were carefully sized in preparation for the trip. The medical team of Dr Akbar de Medici and Julie Sims were onsite to answer player and staff concerns ahead of the flight.

Medical director, Dr Akbar de Medici outlines the importance of planning forward when there is such a big journey ahead of an important game. “England is fortunate to have forward-thinking staff supporting the team, who had a full health and fitness plan for the players to help them avoid any health risks from the long flight and recover from their journey to optimise performance and player well-being. We were able to make sure we had up to date measurements for all the players and staff, and advise them on the role of compression in protecting them from DVT, swollen legs and recovering from such a long trip.”

This is the second World Cup where England have sought medical-grade compression socks from Compression Advisory for travel, having built a longstanding relationship with their healthcare team.

Players have reported that their legs felt fresh on arrival, with no signs of the usual swollen feet or legs. We wish them the best in the forthcoming World Cup.


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