What to wear during pregnancy…

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Maternity Style Guide Rounded.fwMaternity and fashion aren’t mutually exclusive… You just have to remember that during pregnancy, comfort is paramount. So no Kim Kardashian-style stilettos unless you want to deal with cankles bulging over the tops and some very painful feet.

We are more than aware of the need for women to think about wearing compression during pregnancy – check out our article on the top 5 reasons women need to wear graduated compression during pregnancy to find out more.

We often get calls from women who have bought socks in the pharmacy and are finding them too uncomfortable and sometimes too ugly to wear. With this in mind, we’ve developed our range to be easy to put on (wrestling with socks/tights when there’s a baby bump between you and your feet is probably not a lot of fun), comfortable and as stylish as any other socks/hosiery you are likely to be wearing pre-pregnancy.

We’ve put together a brief style guide to help inspire you to wear your compression and to enjoy dressing it up or down.

For those of you worried about the (fingers crossed) upcoming summer weather; due to the circulatory benefits provided by graduated compression, you will actually find your legs feel fresher with them on than without them…so no excuses!

If you’d like further advice, there are plenty of women in the office who’d be happy to talk clothes and shoes with you! You can call us on 0207 326 0900 or email Emma, ecahil@compressionadvisory.com


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