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January 2015


Shoes…glorious shoes…except when they give us Cankles and Sore Feet!

Sore ankles from beautiful shoes For those of you who love high heels or love someone who loves high heels, you’re no stranger to sore, swollen and tender feet at the end of a night out or a day at work. Whether you’re the one donning the heels or massaging their sore feet, we’ll bet you don’t know all the facts about why heels make feet and ankles swell. There’s the obvious part where extra weight and pressure is placed on the ball of the foot and toes from the angle of the shoe. At a small angle, we’re talking…
January 29, 2015

New Year, New You? Let’s Keep the Changes Small!

So, you’ve heard it all before. This is the time of year where everyone turns over a new leaf. Gyms have special offers on memberships, the shops are pushing healthy eating and sports equipment. The BBC are campaigning to inspire women to be more active. What will you take from it all? By next December, where do you want to be? At Compression Advisory, a big part of our role is making customers happy. This can be through relieving painful legs, reducing swelling, helping someone recover from injury, shrinking varicose veins, easing DOMS, keeping someone safe and comfortable on a…
January 14, 2015


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