New Year, New You? Let’s Keep the Changes Small!

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winter running 460So, you’ve heard it all before. This is the time of year where everyone turns over a new leaf. Gyms have special offers on memberships, the shops are pushing healthy eating and sports equipment. The BBC are campaigning to inspire women to be more active. What will you take from it all?

By next December, where do you want to be?

Sid (21)At Compression Advisory, a big part of our role is making customers happy. This can be through relieving painful legs, reducing swelling, helping someone recover from injury, shrinking varicose veins, easing DOMS, keeping someone safe and comfortable on a flight, helping them train for a personal best or even just creating a sock in a pattern/colour that makes wearing compression a little more fun!

Fit Legs Blog.fwOf course we want you to be healthy, we take the time when our information line rings to chat and advise on the global care of a person, not just their legs. We also want you to be happy. Big, unsustainable changes which lead to unused gym memberships and gone-off trolley loads of fruit and veg are not the answer.

We want to help you find the bite-size steps that will help you to feel happier and healthier and be in a better place this time next year.

drogba_evexar_fittingOne of our team, Barrington, regularly repeats that VR Socks are always going to be better for you “on your legs” than they will ever be in the drawer! Putting them on each morning is a two minute change (less, once you get the hang of putting them on – check out this video if you’re having trouble). Given our current climate, it’s safe to assume that you get up and put on either socks or tights each morning anyway! Why not make a change that your legs will thank you for?

What other small changes can you make?
• Moisturising your skin during or after a shower (men especially are guilty of letting their legs and feet dry up!)
• Ensuring you go for a short walk each day
• Implementing some stretches and posture adjustments into your daily routine
• Take the time to make sure you’re well seated in the car, at your desk, in front of the TV
• Drink more water
• Eat one extra fruit or vegetable per day
• Quit or cut down your smoking gradually

Football clientsAs much as we have our medical team to give advice from a medical standpoint, our compression team also work with some of the most elite athletes in the world. So, over the years, we’ve picked up a few things about looking after your body! We speak to physios, coaches, sports science teams, nutritionists, podiatrists, all sorts of specialists and the athletes themselves!

We’ve been known to recommend lotions and potions, foam rolling, massage balls, footrests, ergonomic chairs, living/mobility aids, podiatry care, footwear changes, sports massage, specific stretches, consultant referrals, mobile apps…and much more!

What small change will you make?

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