Polyester VS Cotton Socks – What Should You Choose?

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If you’re looking for some new compression socks, you may be trying to explore which is the best material to go with. The question of polyester vs cotton socks can seem like a trivial one, but it does actually affect your comfort while wearing socks. Comfortable compression socks can make all the difference when you’re wearing them for as long as you are supposed to. Here at the Compression Advisory, we know all about compression socks and the best materials to make them from. So, here’s the low down about the debate of polyester vs cotton socks.

Cotton socks

The debate about polyester vs cotton socks is important to consider for your long term comfort. Cotton socks are something that you’re probably very familiar with because this natural fibre has been used for socks and other clothing items for centuries. Cotton is a popular fabric because its breathable and biodegradable, less likely to shrink or show wrinkles, and will retain its colour well. All of these are important for when you’re wearing compression socks for many hours. The breathable fabric is particularly helpful because it aids comfort and keeping your feet comfortable. 

We at the Compression Advisory love cotton compression socks because they are comfy and easy to use. This being said, there are a few drawbacks. For example, when they get wet, they can stay wet for a really long time, which can be uncomfortable, especially if you’re exercising as the increased moisture can increase the friction on the skin. The shape can also become distorted over time, which means they can become less useful over time. These reasons make them a little more high maintenance in the polyester vs cotton socks debate.

Polyester socks

The other side to the polyester vs cotton socks debate is, naturally, the polyester socks. People are often quite apprehensive about polyester compression socks because of their synthetic material. But there are a number of benefits to using polyester for compression socks that shouldn’t be overlooked. One of which is their snug, comfortable fit, that maintains its shape, making them effective compression socks. 

They are also durable and can dry quickly, which is great because no one wants wet feet! They don’t even feel like the plastic type fabric that you’re probably imagining. In fact, polyester compression socks look and feel almost exactly the same as any other type of fabric. Finally, polyester compression socks are a great choice because they can be made as sheer as tights. 

Do you know what you want? 

The question of polyester vs cotton socks is really a personal one, which would work better for you? If you’re unsure about which one that you want, you can always try both and see which you prefer. You can purchase your very own, medical grade compression socks on our website and if you have any other questions that you would like to talk to a doctor about, you can contact our helpline on +44 (0) 203 745 7848.


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