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Travel Health

In modern society we spend nearly 400 hours a year travelling. Any prolonged time spent sitting down will reduce our blood flow efficiency and blood flow speed. This can cause pooling of blood in the lower limbs and the risks of blood clots or DVT (deep vein thrombosis). This is why on a long haul flight many of us will notice our feet are swollen, meaning the longer the flight, the greater the risk.

Flight Socks

Medical grade graduated compression socks have been specifically designed to prevent DVT’s help venous return and stop pooling of the blood in the lower legs. This makes them the ideal sock to use to prevent the negative effects of travel, preventing swelling of the legs (eliminate cankles), reducing the risk of a DVT and keeping lower legs fresh and ache free.

The key to using medical grade socks for this purpose is that they must be CE marked, appropriately fitted and sized and conform to European/US standards. In addition they should be comfortable to wear at least for the duration of travel. Compression Advisory designed VR Compression with these key facts in mind.

Travel Health Services

Our medical advisory board consists of world leading travel medicine experts such as Dr Jane Zuckerman, allowing us to provide our customers with the best travel medicine advice available.

We have extended this service to various corporate and supporting clients and also have granted access to dedicated clinical facilities that can see and treat patients within central London.

Our service offering includes

  • Dedicated telephone support
  • Travel medicine workforce planning
  • On-site vaccination
  • London travel clinic access
  • DVT prevention and education

“VR Compression and the Travel Health Service from Compression Advisory embody everything a traveller needs to keep themselves in optimum health.”

Dr Jane Zuckerman

Consultant and Clinical Lead in Travel Medicine
Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust


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