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There are characteristic physical changes that occur in the three trimesters of pregnancy, in addition there are huge physiological changes that occur to cope with the demands of pregnancy. These changes can cause unpleasant symptoms and the extra strain on the lower body can lead to unwanted conditions, which vary from person to person.


One of the most common complaints of advancing pregnancy is oedema – which is excess fluid collecting in the peripheries especially the legs, causing swollen and uncomfortable hands and feet (widely referred to as cankles). This occurs for a variety of factors, which include;

  • Increased blood volume
  • Pressure on the Vena Cava from the foetus in the abdomen. This is the large vein which drains blood from your legs back to your heart
  • Biochemical changes and changes in the blood flow to the kidney, which are crucial in maintaining normal fluid balance

Well fitted graduated compression socks offer welcome relief from swelling in the lower limbs and can support you circulatory system taking the strain off your leg veins.


In the developed world Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolisms are the most common causes of death during pregnancy. In fact the chances of getting a DVT are five times higher in pregnant females versus non-pregnant females of the same age group. There are many causes of this and risk increases with number of pregnancies, weight, caesarean section, previous DVTs or clotting abnormalities and lifestyle impact.

Wearing flight socks during pregnancy is an easy but effective way to significantly reduce this risk.

Compression Advisory

Working with our therapeutic textiles board, Compression Advisory have designed a range of comfortable Class 1 CE marked graduated socks, stockings and tights that can be worn daily during pregnancy which will significantly help reduce swelling and the risk of DVT.

“VR Compression and the Travel Health Service from Compression Advisory embody everything a traveller needs to keep themselves in optimum health.”

Dr Jane Zuckerman

Consultant and Clinical Lead in Travel Medicine
Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust


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