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Support Socks For At Work Health

Whether you’re commuting or travelling for work, in meetings, sitting at a desk, out at working lunches, or on your feet – the work environment negatively impacts your health. As a society we are becoming increasingly aware of this and making changes to reduce the risk to our well-being. Thankfully, compression in the form of flight socks is an easy change that can be accommodated across all levels, ages and lifestyles.

Why Compression Socks?

FACT – The blood flow leaving your legs (VR – Venous Return) reduces by 50% when you are seated for only 90 minutes, causing swelling and ‘heaviness’, the oxygen content of the muscles also decreases – this explains why that feeling of fatigue occurs.

Swelling and fatigue aren’t the only issues that result from prolonged inactivity. Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) is also a life threatening illness that can occur whilst you are travelling, sitting down or standing for long periods.

Our medical advisory team work both with organisations large and small (usually via occupational health departments) and individuals to provide travel health support which includes well-fitting, medical-grade flight socks. We are happy to take calls or emails to discuss any of the issues above.

As part of the travel health consultation process we recommend BP travellers to ensure they have a pair of graduated compression socks to prevent travel related leg swelling / pooling of blood in the lower limbs, thus reducing the risk of DVT, tiredness and fatigue.

Maria Reynolds
Senior Travel Health Advisor (Roodlane Medical)
ICBT Travel Health Centre (for BP)


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