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A large percentage of the population suffers with issues around the veins of their lower limbs, either as an acute or chronic condition. However, there is often a lack of good access to specialised treatment and advice around these issues. Additionally on the NHS or basic insurance packages many of these treatments e.g. for varicose veins are often not available. For this reason the Compression Advisory has created the vein advisory service.

It offers:

  • Access to patients with vein issues
  • Support in marketing vein treatments
  • Dedicated sales teams with knowledge of the sector

Why Compression Advisory?

Compression Advisory is one of the most trusted brands within compression in the UK market and we want to continue to offer our customers the best service possible.

Due to the nature of the products we sell, our website attracts a significant volume of people with issues around vein health. To support this we have a dedicated medical telephone helpline to answer customer questions and queries.

Additionally, we have built up an expertise in marketing to this sector. We use both direct and online resources and our experience allows us to know what does and doesn’t work when speaking to this population, simplifying complex medical terminology for consumer consumption.

Hence it is a natural progression to offer this large population the ability to access more specialist services when the need arises. We have the medical expertise to help filter cases appropriately and ensure the best quality advice is always given and they are directed to the appropriate specialist.

Advantage/Opportunities for clinics and healthcare providers

Clinics and health care providers offering vein treatments often find it hard to market their services in a targeted fashion. Using our expertise we can offer the following solutions to help streamline and improve access to patients with vein issues.

Marketing advice – such as assisting with website and marketing content, identifying local target populations or ensuring the correct treatments are accessible.

The ability to speak to a large population – while this could be a waste of time for specialised clinics/doctors our sales team can offer a wider range of services to a customer thus we can engage a great number of people through our channels. Those that need or are seeking treatment can then be directed to the dedicated treatment providers.

Access to a dedicated sales team – it would not be viable for a provider to employ a large sales team due to the issues involved. We can manage and direct our in-house sales team, which can be used as and when required to market services and/or special offers.

“The first step in preparing for any procedure on your veins is to wear compression to get your legs in the best possible condition prior to the surgery. Patients who consult with Compression Advisory, get advice on quality products and come to us understanding their condition well and the procedure that awaits them. For non-critical patients, we often refer them when compression may be enough to manage their symptoms, allowing them to avoid or delay vein surgery for many years.”

Mr Paul Flora
Consultant Vascular and General Surgeon
The Institute of Sport, Exercise and Health


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