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Our History

Compression Advisory was formed in 2009 with the support of UCL Business (UCLB). Our primary role at UCLB was to bridge the gap between the medical and consumer world in the compression clothing market. This was achieved using validated scientific theory, good quality education supported by high quality products and services.

Our success in the compression market has demonstrated the need for this approach and we have expanded our team to support sales and marketing activities around the healthcare market. We are continuing to grow not only the products we supply but the services we offer and sectors we support.

Our Team

Our board is divided into three core areas:

  1. Medical Advisory
  2. Therapeutic Textiles
  3. Marketing Communications

Medical Advisory – with our close links to UCL we have created an advisory panel of world leading experts in the medical field, such as Prof Monty Mythen, and Dr Jane Zuckerman, including sports medicine experts – Dr Ademola Adejuwon, Dr Akbar de Medici and Dr Courtney Kipps.  We work closely with several London hospitals and research institutions such as the Institute of Sport Exercise and Health (ISEH), which is a major legacy of the 2012 Olympic Games.

Therapeutic Textiles – At present the retail sector has no set guidelines over how compression should be sold to the consumer. Our textiles board, which consists of manufacturers, engineers and doctors has created the first retail standard – gctech™. This has become an accepted standard in UK used by professional sport, knowledgeable healthcare professionals and the general public, through our new VR range of market specific products.

Marketing Communications – Specialised medical services and products are challenging to advertise and market. The language used, the complex information to put across and the focused market requirements mean traditional agencies often won’t have the necessary skills to fully support and help in this area. Our communications team has built up a wealth of expertise and experience in this sector. They have supported medical brand development and market roll out, specialised medical marketing, online and direct sales, with the assistance of our extensive medical contacts and allied healthcare providers.


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