Helping Professional Football Players to Prolong Their Careers – a Positive to Tool to Push Back Against Tired Legs.

Times have changed tremendously from those when the players of yesteryear were retired at 31 from shin splints and sore legs. Injury recovery and player lifespan have improved tremendously in the last ten years thanks to awareness of new tools and technology.

We work with Footballers at all stages of their career, from educating academy players and league leaders to supporting former players as they turn to management and other career choices.


Mike Edwards who is both a player and Sports Scientist for Notts County FC has plenty to say about compression:

“Psychologically when I’ve felt heavy legged, especially in the calves I’ve popped the socks on and felt better even if I’ve a full day of walking around ahead of me. Sometimes, if soreness hit in the evening; I’ve even slept in them (which I know might not be recommended) but I did wake the next day feeling better…

When I’m travelling, the compression socks are a must. I feel better for having them on. I find them comfortable and no one notices as they look and feel like a normal sports sock.

Overall I really like the sports ones more so for training and travelling due to the comfyness, support and feeling of some compression without being overly tight.

The thinner, firmer, recovery sock is something I wear when I’ve had a knock. When I’ve had a kick, these make all the difference and it’s a situation where the extra squeeze makes the difference. Also after games I may put the firmer ones on for the first few hours of my recovery and then swop over to a lighter pair when I get home. It’s become part of the routine, like putting my slippers on when I get home.

I’m a busy dad and between being Head of Sports Science and playing on the first team for Notts County FC, I’m on my feet all day long weekdays and weekends. There were times when I didn’t think I’d still be playing and scoring goals at 35 – I’m glad I was wrong. I’m encouraging all of our younger players to start reaping the benefits now”

Ipswich Town manager and former Man City and Republic of Ireland player Mick McCarthy tells us shin splints forced him into retirement in the early nineties. He tells us that with what he knows now about compression, he could have enjoyed another few years playing the sport he loves. Shin splints are manageable now and compression is one of many tools that help players’ legs that are damaged and aging, recover better and last longer.

The challenges facing players like Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard are different from players starting out. Niggles, injury and recovery times are a constant concern. We’ve worked closely with players and their medical teams to come up with programmes which take into account old injuries, current struggles, match and training schedules, discomforts and player age to allow them to keep their legs feeling fresh.

Our role in a footballers life changes as they grow. Younger players are chasing small improvements in performance to help them up their values. In times of injury and international tours, we are on hand to protect players from the worst and improve recovery times. Later in their careers, players rely on us for maintenance, recovery and everyday comfort.

Alan Smith, who is probably best known for his 19 caps for England and his time at Leeds and Manchester United, has come to love compression in later life. At 35, he is carrying over his favoured training socks into matches…sacrificing the foot section of his team pair to ensure his boots fit comfortably.