The Pro-Golfer’s Lifestyle involves long days on their feet, regular travel and needing to recover and perform at their best at all times. VR Compression have supplied players on the European Tour for several years now with support from Dr Roger Hawke. Below you can hear from a couple of golfers who’ve made VR Compression as part of their routine.

Barry Lane, five-time European Tour winner 1988-2004, currently playing the Seniors Tour – “I met Compression Advisory on the European Tour in 2010 and have since incorporated VR into my travel routine and still regularly wear it on the course as I play the Seniors Tour. Now that I’m in my 50s, being comfortable and feeling well as I play is paramount. VR Compression has kept my legs feeling great and allowed me to continue to enjoy my golf, whether it’s in the warmer US climate or on holidays in Sweden playing a few holes with Camilla.”

Leighton Watkins

Date of Birth – 24/03/1986

Played golf since age 11

Professional golfer from the Swansea Valley, South Wales

Professional at the Celtic Minor Golf Club

Professional since 2010

Sponsored by VR Legwear, FireFly Recovery and Spartan Fitness Equipment

“The VR Legwear ranges are a huge help to me and my golf. I’ll wear the VR Perfroma Lite whilst playing golf, the VR ProPlus recovery after my day golfing and after gym sessions and then when I’m travelling to and from tournaments I’ll put on my VR City. They help keep my legs feeling fresh and ready for action despite long days on my feet or whilst driving long distances. I wear them religiously now and I feel that the consistency of wearing them is massive benefit to me. Some days I’ll be on my feet for 12+ hours between golf and teaching pupils so it’s important to take as much care as possible of my legs. VR Legwear are for everyone but especially for any athlete out there seeking the next level of recovery and performance. Their science is there to back this up!”

“I find the products hugely beneficial when playing, practising and traveling to and from a long day’s golf. I feel that they now make a difference to my recovery which is massive help. When you are on your feet all day, it takes its toll on your legs. By using VR products I have noticed that my legs feel energised throughout the day which is a huge confidence boost. My VR Compression socks are an essential part of my daily routine and I now couldn’t be without them.”