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Brand Development

We have experience in a range of markets that use compression regularly (travel, healthcare, sport, maternity and general lifestyle wear and fashion). Using this experience, we have then helped develop products specifically designed for those markets using input and feedback from consumers within those sectors.

We have created VR Compression – a brand that has been specifically developed using our expertise in the market. This allows us to promote our unique medically valid products to our defined market sectors – travel, healthcare, sport, maternity and general fashion/daywear. This has given us excellent experience in direct marketing, e-commerce and general sales experience within these specialised markets. Our particular expertise is in taking complex medical information and distilling down for a general audience.

Professional Partners

Apart from our manufacturing team we also partner with recognised experts across a range of medical specialties – such as travel medicine, orthopaedics, sports medicine and vascular surgery. We work with a range of specialists allied to medicine – physiotherapy, podiatry, and pharmacists, plus scientists in sports and fabric technology. Our network also includes the medical and occupational health departments of several elite sports clubs and large corporate organisations.


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