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Medical Support Concierge

(MSC) is a concierge medical group providing discreet, streamlined, direct, access to private medical facilities in the UK and US.

We supply bespoke medical services to a range of high profile clients and have a superb record of supporting them through medical care.

Our services include virtually any medical requirement – ranging from scans, private doctors, surgery, screening, specialist consultations, physiotherapy etc. MSC operates across a number of areas either with companies or directly with individuals with medical issues.

We have particular experience in sectors where there are employees at high risk which are crucial to the success of the company. This is particularly relevant in elite sport, where we are centrally involved in managing and setting up the best pathways.

When I had an accident at my workplace the MSC service supplied by Compression Advisory was critical to getting my diagnosis and recovery plan. It was the quickest and most efficient service I could have used during a time of need


Leading Actor/Athlete

MSC has been careful to work closely with the both the end users and the service providers thus maintaining a unique overview of the end to end process to deliver the ultimate medical concierge to a range of very discerning clients.


Why use MSC?

using MSC will give you one point of access to a wealth of high-level medical expertise, ensuring optimal patient outcome, improving efficiency and return to work/sport/normal life.

MSC has extensive expertise and experience in the medical sector and have built up a professional network of influential medical contacts and allied healthcare providers. All the service providers we work with have demonstrable expertise and efficiency in handling the particular caseload of people we manage. Not only do they have exceptional medical knowledge but the facilities are state of the art, plus our input ensures the service is discreet, efficient and tailored around the needs of the client.

During critical periods and at times of emergency a thorough understanding of the environment and processes around medical procedure and services is vital in order to direct clients successfully to the appropriate resources.

Additionally the language used, the complex information to put across and the detailed requirements means standard concierge systems do not have the necessary skills or networks to fully support and help in this area. Finally trust in this sector is key, we have worked directly with our healthcare providers for many years and know their abilities intimately.


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