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Compression Advisory provides a complete and expert service around compression clothing. We have a proven track record in all aspects; from manufacturing, science, medical research, to marketing and distribution of high quality products to consumers.

We have created a range of high quality medical grade compression products and our own brand (VR compression) that is sold both directly and online, to elite sport, hospitals, healthcare professionals, corporate organisations and the everyday consumer. This combined with our medical expertise has made us the most trusted brand for compression in UK elite sport.

Our team has a wealth of experience in the compression market. Some of the services we can offer in this area include;

  1. Products and product development
  2. Brand evolution in the compression sector
  3. Manufacturing access and support
  4. Scientific and medical validation of compression products
  5. Marketing and sales support for compression brands

Compression Clothing – Retail Development

Compression clothing is an accepted standard in the hospital setting and this has spilled out into the retail sector. However, the retail market does not enforce any of the strict medical standards for manufacture, fitting and product sales – so brands often misuse the medical research to sell any tight clothing under the guise of compression. Compression Advisory bridges the gap between the medical and retail world to ensure compression product are correctly made, properly sold with informative packaging and sales support. As a plus, we are also continuing to maintain high standards of education and research in this sector of the market.

If you are an individual customer, looking to purchase VR Compression from a retailer, please give us a call on 0207 326 0900 and we’ll point you in the right direction.


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